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The TN Parity Project seeks to eliminate discriminatory insurance coverage for those with mental health and substance use disorders so that all Tennesseans can get the care they need.

 “We need to move from a system that relies
on people in the middle of personal turmoil to identify wrongdoing …
to one that is grounded in proactive enforcement of the law.”

— Patrick J. Kennedy, Founder of The Kennedy Forum

The TN Parity Project is working with state regulators to ensure that health plans offered in our state are complying with the law before they are sold.

Tennessee has passed legislation to strengthen the enforcement of the Federal Parity Law, but increased compliance and enforcement efforts are still needed to achieve true parity.

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Today, too many people in Tennessee still cannot get the treatment they need because their insurer still uses discriminatory rules. Better enforcement of the Parity Act can help you and others get the services that insurers are required to cover. By sharing your experience you can help strengthen parity enforcement and improve access to treatment for all Tennesseans.

Please share your experience with insurance delay or denials using the text boxes below. We have identified a few questions to guide your response, but you should feel welcome to share whatever you think is important. Your experience will help to inform our advocacy work, and we thank you for taking the time to share it!

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