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If you have been denied mental health or addiction treatment or feel that your parity rights have been violated, you can take steps to:

1. File an appeal with your health plan Click here for help filing an appeal

2. Register a complaint against your health plan Click here to register a complaint

3. Connect with the TN Parity Project for appeal support, parity education, and more Click here to contact the TN Parity Project




1. Understand What Kind of Plan You Have

Review your plan and gather your coverage documents, ID card, and other insurance paperwork for reference.

Knowing the type of plan you have (e.g. employer-sponsored, individual, marketplace, TennCare) will help you direct your appeal to the right place.

  • Parity Appeal FAQs
  • TN Health Plan Contacts

2. Organize Your Materials

We can help you organize key information, such as your insurance company’s denial letter or bill.

  • Sample patient request for documents
  • Sample provider request for documents

3. Talk to Your Provider

A letter of support from your provider that indicates the medical reasons for the requested service will be helpful in any appeal or complaint.

  • Sample provider letter in support of patient appeal
  • Sample provider appeal

4. Appeal to Your Health Plan

Use the parity resource guide and sample parity appeal documents to successfully resolve disputes with your health plan

  • Sample appeal letter

Submit a complaint today!

By submitting a complaint you are helping to hold insurers accountable and strengthening parity enforcement efforts in Tennessee.  

While there is not yet a “one-stop shop” for Tennesseans to call about all parity related questions, complaints and network issues, as the state agency tasked with enforcing parity law, the Department of Commerce & Insurance should serve as the initial contact for most parity issues.


  • Tip sheet for navigating the TN Dept of Commerce & Insurance complaint portal
  • Parity resource guide

Parity Questions or Complaints in Tennessee?

Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance, Consumer Insurance Services Section

(615) 741-2218 or 1-800-342-4029

Completa la versión en español,

“Reclamacion del Consumidor”

*Even if the Department of Commerce & Insurance is not the most appropriate agency for the type of insurance coverage you have, all parity complaints are relevant and their Consumer Insurance Services Section can direct you to the appropriate regulatory agency upon completing your complaint

After you’ve filed your complaint with the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance, submit your details at the Kennedy Forum’s Parity Registry to help shape national policy and influence legislation: